Mostly Cats

Dispatches from our life together.

June 2023

17 June 2023

It was a long winter and then a cold spring. We anxiously waited for the apple trees to blossom and to see the results of our pruning the last few years.

Time moves slowly…..and then it speeds up and life goes too fast. A late frost took out most of the blossoms, and also the early blooming lilacs.

I find myself thinking- ‟this too shall pass”.

We said goodbye to Little Man on May 18th unexpectedly. LM was a part of our lives and Terrence’s companion for 15 years. We found him on a rainy fall night in Boston in 2008/2009. We are so grateful for so much time with such a brave and regal beast and we miss him terribly.

This week we closed another chapter- and sold Terrence’s 3-Family house in Providence.

The time has come to turn our attention to our farm.