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And now it’s December

22 December 2022

The temperature has been steadily dropping here in Vermont, and it’s dark a little after 4pm. Everything is shifting into a state of dormancy as we prepare for a season of hibernation.

Terrence and I are in a race against time. We barely got mulch put down before it snowed. WIth outside projects on hold- our attention has shifted inward. Sarah is preparing to return to the pottery, and Terrence is making headway on setting up the tech lab in the upper barn.

This summer we:

Installed the dock. Needs “adjusting.”

Identified locations on the hill for additional shrubs/ foliage – a mix of native wildflowers and shrubs.

Identified 2 areas for camping – one is in an area we refer to as the top, but it’s not really the highest elevation. The other is in an area called “The Deer Meadow.” There are two apple trees in a meadow that abuts a stream that runs along the western edge of our property. The deer meadow slopes up to the East, where, at the top of the hill, is where we found the the previous owner’s blind for hunting. The path to the main trail runs from the stream along the northern edge of the meadow to a little clearing where we found a horseshoe. That will be the campsite. The treeline and path continue to the main trail, with a branch towards the the blind.

This fall we:

Harvested apples and made pie. The apples ripened quickly - and we weren’t prepared to process what we picked. We got to know the trees & their fruits better this year, though, and spent a lot of time tasting the apples from each tree over the course of the season.

Removed 2 shipping containers from the Eastern side of the house. 1 we sold, 1 we gave to Tobin & Erin for their project in the Catskills.

Relocated all tires to the edge of the road, which has prompted much discussion in town. We’re talking like 50 tires- so I get that it’s an eyesore. l’m am thrilled to have them out of my garden, and one step closer to the recycling center. Terrence and I are chipping away at their removal. Terrence says that further complaints can be directed to the previous owner.

Transplanted lilacs to frame out yard & garden.

Tucked a bunch of bulbs into the ground. Hoping for lots of red & white tulips in the front of the house, flanking the front door of the brick house.

We had our first snow on Nov. 16th. All the animal paths that have been hidden are revealed – high traffic areas identified, and future paths imagined as the meadow & foliage dies back and the terrain exposed.

The ice sculpture in the backyard has returned.

Things we look forward to:

Pruning season.